About Us

Purple Productions is a full service production company based in San Francisco. We have amazing resources locally and around the world. We are here to take on the weight of logistics and help drive your project to success. We live in the solution and approach challenges head-on so we can meet the demands of your project and exceed expectations while staying within budget. We offer boutique-style sensibility while calling in our robust set of resources. Our mission is to provide the highest level of service for you, the client, our vendors, and the crew.

We only work with skilled, positive crew members with problem-solving attitudes so you can feel taken care of in every department. Our tight-knit team of producers and coordinators allows us to tackle projects of every size.

We truly love what we do and feel lucky that our job continually connects us to new faces, impressive creatives, wild ideas and stunning locations.

Services include:

Estimating, crew sourcing, location scouting, permitting, billing, talent and crew payroll, travel arrangements, and on-set production and coordination

About Sady

Sady has been in the print advertising industry for over 15 years. Launching Purple Lamb Productions in 2006, Sady has developed strong relationships with photographers, art buyers, talent agencies and crew members. From studio manager to talent agent, street scout to seasoned producer, Sady has built a strong foundation in the industry, allowing her to offer her client top-notch, creative and innovative production services. When she’s not on the job, Sady can be found running around with her family and eating noodles.