Purple Productions is a full service production company based in San Francisco. We are here to take on the weight of logistics and help drive your project to success. We live in the solution and approach challenges head-on so we can meet the demands of your project and exceed expectations while staying within budget. We offer boutique-style sensibility while calling in our robust set of resources. Our mission is to provide the highest level of service for you, the client, the agency, our vendors, and the crew.

We only work with experienced and highly skilled, positive crew members with problem-solving attitudes so you can feel taken care of in every department. Our tight-knit team of producers and coordinators allows us to tackle projects of every size.

We truly love what we do and feel lucky that our job continues to connect us to new faces, impressive creatives, wild ideas and stunning locations.




Estimating: We work with you to draw up an estimate that meets the budget while maintaining our level of production quality, ensuring a smooth and healthy project.

Crew sourcing: We book talented, experienced crew with skills specific to each project's needs.

Location sourcing and scouting: We tap into our location resources to find the best setting for our shoot. This could mean managing our scouting contacts, working with park rangers, or reaching out to management companies.

Permitting: We know what areas need permitting and how to get it done.

Billing: At the end of each shoot, we deliver a clean and transparent billing packet with all expenses and backup documents.

Talent and crew payroll: The state of CA requires that all talent and directed crew be paid via payroll. We're incredibly familiar with these requirements and will do everything on our end to ensure these parties are paid legally and on time.

Travel arrangements: We'll book the hotels, flights, rental cars, and dinner reservations for you, your team, and any traveling crew.

On-set production and coordination: We're there with you on game day making sure all of the discussed shot plans are executed beautifully and safely. We keep everyone fed, hydrated and on schedule :)

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